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November 17, 2016


Introducing the Runwell turntable

The Runwell Turntable (pictured)

November 17, 2016

Shinola was founded on the belief that products should be well-made and built to last with a mission to create world-class manufacturing jobs in the process. As we journey into new categories, and launch the Shinola Audio division, we continue to build the groundwork to pursue that goal. Of all the things we make, the return of manufacturing jobs is the thing we’re most proud of.

The Motor City has always been a hub for music creation — churning out talents like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Iggy Pop to name a few. Through good times and bad, music has united our town. We launched the new Shinola Audio division because we're inspired by this city's incredible musical history, and created The Runwell Turntable to celebrate the experience of getting chills when listening to music the way the artist intended. 

The Runwell Turntable is a special machine: made of solid aluminum, steel and wood for a classic yet modern American aesthetic. The clean lines and minimalist design is a beautiful addition to homes, desks, and rooms that are in need of being filled with music. Similar to timepieces, high-end turntables are high-precision instruments that require detailed engineering, use of the best materials, expert machining and skillful assembly. Shinola Runwell Turntables and audio accessories are designed and built in America using US and imported parts.  

We're excited to be a part of crafting an entirely new kind of Detroit sound. 

Learn more about The Runwell Turntable below.

There have always been vinyl collectors that have kept the industry of record making alive, and we at Shinola are no exception. Vinyl strengthens our love for music and continues to be a pure sound that permeates the walls of our factories and homes. We believe that listening to a record can create an instant physical and emotional response to the music that, according to Shinola Audio Director Alex Rosson, may have been lost in this generation. Every piece of music tells a different story in any medium its played, and our goal is to provide a variety of ways to listen, and provide the very best. 

Every detail was considered, pored over and celebrated in the creation of this turntable. We intentionally decided upon a belt-driven turntable with a friction-free all-metal, American steel tonearm to produce the purest sound possible. A modular phono preamplifier and moving magnet phono cartridge are also used to generate the highest quality of analog playback. 

The Runwell Turntable, like all Shinola products, was designed to the highest standards and built to last a lifetime. Dense, vibration-absorbing aluminum makes up the platter assembly that sits atop a sleek, oak wooden base. Just plug it into any input on your preamplifier, integrated amplifier, or powered speakers, and enjoy the rich sound The Runwell Turntable will bring to your favorite records. The rich sound is definitely something to write home about, and reason to spend your Saturdays picking through local record stores for the hidden gems. 

Alex Rosson (above)

It was important for us to partner with those who believed in our mission of creating beautiful sound in the place where beautiful sound is celebrated. The Shinola Audio division is led by Alex Rosson, best known for his groundbreaking engineering work at Technicolor and in the audio industry as founder of Audeze. Alex worked closely with Harry and Mat Weisfeld of premier American (and arguably the world's best) turntable manufacturer VPI Industries, a company that has been making turntables since the 1980s.

Harry recently passed the torch to his son Mat, but both played a major role in helping us create the best turntable possible. We also enlisted help of key manufacturing partners including: MDI precision metal manufacturing in New Jersey for steel and aluminum components, and American Board Assembly of Southern California for the unique custom electronics designed by our very research and development team. 

We are proud to have brought together some of the best minds in American audio, design and manufacturing in making this extraordinary machine a reality. 

Assembling The Runwell Turntable inside our Detroit store.

Lastly, we value transparency. Just like those who buy the Runwell Turntable will be proud to own something built in our town, we’re proud to show it. The Runwell will be assembled in full view of the public at the Shinola flagship store in Detroit with the same integrity and pride found in all Shinola products. Stop in and see for yourself the next time you find yourself in Motown, looking for the next great thing to hear. 

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